Based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Amoebas are without doubt one of the best up-and-coming punk bands I’ve heard in recent years. Their sound takes me back to the glorious mid-‘90s – when The Stitches dominated Maximum Rocknroll top ten lists and the almighty Prostitutes were unleashed upon an unsuspecting punk world. You just don’t hear many bands like this anymore! Amoebas take that classic “snotty” punk rock style and infuse it with a touch of early ‘80s California proto-hardcore (they may or may not have taken their name from the Adolescents song). The “hit” is “I’m A Nervous Wreck”, a flat-out ripper of a tune that combines fuck-off attitude and simple catchiness in all the best ways. It’s got everything – cool bass lines, melodic guitar leads, a raging rock and roll backbeat, and a supremely snot-nosed lead vocal. Killer! Also great is “Gimme a Fix”, the A-side from the band’s sold-out debut 7” on Gimme Gimme Records. Young, loud, and snotty never goes out of style! I dig those Steve Jones by way of James Williamson guitars, and I always love a band that can deliver a ripping tune in two minutes or less. I really like what I’m hearing so far. The song title alone tells you that “Perverts and Rats” is gonna be an awesome track! I’ve always wanted to visit Grand Rapids so that I could finally taste a Founders Dirty Bastard on draught. Now I have a second reason!
-Lord Rutledge (Now Wave Magazine)