sharp objects2 guys from The Bodies, 1 guy from The Briefs, and a guy from Puerto Rico…

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SHARP OBJECTS Another Victim 7″
Sonoma-core in full effect: wine-infused punk rock harking back to southern California 1982. This little two song platter rocks. It’s simple, but sometimes simple is so hard to do. Like their vineyard cousins MODERN ACTION, the SHARP OBJECTS are bringing melodic punk back into the mix without a hint of warped tour bullshit or Hot Topic poser-core. Early BAD RELIGION, the ZERO BOYS, ADOLESCENTS and a host of other classic bands come flooding to mind. This just sticks and grows and multiplies- now straight to my top ten with you.

SHARP OBJECTS Zero Ambition 7″
Having already mentioned the year’s best list above this platter will definitely be on first place, I am sure nothing will be able to beat this. Packed with the Travanti Guitar and blitzkrieged with the Bodies California Blast Punk this will have the same classic status in the future as the ANGRY SAMOANS, SHOCK, ADOLESCENTS or RANDOMS and although if being in the same spirit as these has a totally own unique sound. Shit, I love this record and will build a shrine for it.
(Vibrator Buzz –

SHARP OBJECTS Another Victim: 7″
Ah, the adjectives I could throw at you. Snotty, trashy, surfy, Modern Action-y… None of it matters. All you need to know is that if Sharp Objects aren’t part of the soundtrack to your beach bonfires or late night skate sessions, you’re doing something wrong!
(Ty Stranglehold – Razorcake)

SHARP OBJECTS – Another Victim
7″ | Modern Action Records | ||

These goddamn Californians did it again, they just can´t manage to write mediocre songs. What kind of impression may people get from me if I offer the highest points possible again ? Have I been corrupted, blackmailed or even worse ? None of it is the case, just forget about everything I told you the last time about their first platter being the 7″ of the year because now you got two of them. As of now their just isn’t any other band who can beat this. You know that there is a lot of Punkrock out there and even a lot of good Punkrock but only once in a blue moon you´ll get the chance to catch one of these bands with that unique special touch and right that is the case for the SHARP OBJECTS. These guys are the appropriate method to silence all these old farts constantly talking about the good old days. 10 out of 10.
(Ox Mag -Germany – Dirk Klotzbach)