MAR001 – Modern Action – S/T 7” (Release date: Valentines Day, 2/14/08) – SOLD OUT

Red Hot debut release from this new band featuring members of The Briefs, The Bodies And The Shifters. This slab contains 2 upbeat two minute bashers that not surprisingly pull from a mixture of Briefs/Bodies music topped off with the Saints-esque vocal stylings of the Shifters. You will get nothing short of what is adverstised as they deliver the goods. The songs come barn-storming off the needle at high volume and don’t let up till your sack is exploded into spaghetti strands….. 2008 is here – MODERN ACTION has arrived!

Pressing limited to a total of 600 copies…..100 red vinyl, 150 white vinyl, 350 black vinyl….
A-side: Modern Action
B-side: Bleeding Red (accidentally mislabeled on the record sticker as DIE TONITE)

MAR001 black vinylMAR001 black vinyl back

BLACK VINYL VERSION : Limited to 350 copies. Sold through this website, interpunk and a few distributors. All covers are printed….. SOLD OUT

MAR001 red vinyl version RED VINYL VERSION :
Limited to 100 copies. Sold only at the bands debut show and at red devil records. All covers are hand made with painted and glued/taped sleeves. Some covers (about 25) have pornographic pictures on the sleeve, some don’t…..SOLD OUT

MAR001 white vinyl AMAR001 white vinyl BMAR001 white vinyl C
Limited to 150 copies. Sold only thru this website and interpunk. All covers are hand made with painted and glued/tapes sleeves. There were 5 different paint colors used for the sleeves – white (75), yellow (30), black(15), gold (15) + silver (15)…… SOLD OUT


MAR001 - production pic 1MAR001 - production pic 2

cutting, pasting, gluing, stuffing… huffing…
MAR001 production pic 3MAR001 production pic 4

the final products…
MAR001 production pic 5MAR001 production pic 6