MAR002 – MODERN ACTION – RADIOACTIVE BOY 7” (Release date: Halloween, 10/31/09) – SOLD OUT

Total pressing: 600 copies…..70 green vinyl (Halloween show only), 130 green vinyl (mailorder only), 400 black vinyl
A-side: Radioactive Boy (1:52)
B-side: Problem Child (1:36)

MAR002MAR002 - back

Limited to 400 copies. Sold this website, interpunk and a few stores/distributors. Covers are printed…. SOLD OUT

MAR002 - Green Vinyl 1MAR002 - Green Vinyl 2MAR002 - Green Vinyl 3MAR002 - Green Vinyl 4

Limited to 130 copies. Sold only thru this website and interpunk. White covers are hand stamped…. SOLD OUT

MAR002 - Green Vinyl 5MAR002 - Green Vinyl 6MAR002 - Green Vinyl 1

Limited to 70 copies. Sold only at the bands two Halloween shows. Black covers are hand painted with nearly invisible rubber stamped Modern Action logo. Mini Halloween show flyers and button included as extras…… SOLD OUT


By Dale from Aberdeen, Washington.
It was like a nuclear bomb went off in my front room. The first 7” was good, but this is the SHIT….BOOOM BABY!

By Stephen from Denton, Texas.
This is an absolute must have! A full frontal guitar assault. 2 sonic tracks from the left coast that will melt your face. Play this single at ear shattering volumes or youre not doing this band justice. Not to mention the fact that the sleeve is hand painted and its really sweet green vinyl.

By Nate from Scottsdale, Arizona.
Another great 2 songer from The Bodies, The Briefs and The Shifters! Please go out an buy everything from all of those Bands! Plus grab a Modern Action shirt or hoodie from the website! Great job guys!

By James from New Paltz, New York.
Great record! Definitely as good as the first one. Radioactive boy is extremely catchy and Problem Child is too. I’m really pumped that I got one of the limited color ones this time, but even if you didn’t you still need this record. Can’t wait for the album.

By Dawn from Nazareth, Pennsylvania.
The color of the record doesn’t matter (although, the green vinyl is sick), if you have the green version or the black version consider yourself equally as fortunate for owning this action packed record. This is a phenomenal record and an awesome way to follow up on their debut 7″. I think 2009 was one of the greatest years for music and the release of this record totally backs that up. This band just throws energy at you from start to finish. Radioactive Boy is an amazing song but I’d have to say that Problem Child really stole the show. Both sides deserve a lot of play and the record is a must have for any fan of the genre. I would have to say Modern Action has truly outdone themselves on this one and I can’t wait to hear what they come up with next. Buy it and play it loud.

By Andy from UK.
The second porky prime cut from Modern Action, housed in another of their, ‘sprayed in the back yard’, D.I.Y. sleeves. Like with their debut, Modern Action take alot of their influences from early pre-hardcore U.S. skinny tie punk and mould it into something of their own. If you like bands like the Busy Signals, Suspect Parts, Hex Dispensers and beyond, this one’s a keeper… and NO, the b-side (Problem Child) is’nt by The Damned.

By Clay from USA.
You need this! Both sides are high-octane scorchers that remind why I continue to fork out money for punk rock records well into my late 30′s. If this 7 inch is any indication of the record to come, we are in for a goddamn treat.

By Andrew from Ireland.
Short but awesome songs. I will guess I will have to buy there first single on ebay now after hearing this. This is much better than the Cute Lepers band. We still all want the real Briefs back together again.

By Sid from Los Angeles, Ca.
When The Briefs split, (or went on hiatus), I didn’t expect the various members to produce not one, but two incredible offshoots in Modern Action & The Cute Lepers…With both bands tearing up the punk rock circuit with furious live shows, their recorded output has just as much sneering energy to power up any city they play in. Modern Action’s 2nd single, “Radioactive Boy” is every bit as good as their 1st release. Catchy, clever & careening out of control on the turntable! Get it NOW!

By Scott from Costa Mesa, Ca.
Is this 1982? Could be lost Posh Boy release. Amazing 82-era LA/Beach Punk sound here. Social Distortion meets TSOL (in the good years). WoW! This is really really great.

By Ashley from Napa, Ca.
My boyfriend recently introduced me to the bay area punk scene, which was Green Day for me as far as I was concerned. How embarrassing. We went to the Halloween show in Sonoma and my mind was fucking blown! The first band we saw kicked ass and had every bouncing along on the porch. Then we moved inside and continued to drink our faces off and have a the time of our lives. By the time Modern Action got up, we were more than ready. Johnny was the cutest fucking thing in his Eric Estrada-esque cop get up, and the. music. was. RAD. I’ve been disillusioned with new music for years and I can’t tell you how great it is to have a new record I actually want to play and hear over and over again. We bought one 7″ at the show and ordered another one online. My personal favorite is Bleeding Red, and especially the go grease lightening dance Chris does in one of the concert videos we found online. HA! I’ve been listening to the Bodies and the Shifters for a while, but Modern Action pulls all of the best aspects of the bands together… We cannot WAIT for more new releases. Thanks boys, ROCK ON!

By Todder from Boston, Ma.
YES YES YES! Better than the first one. Best record Ive bought this year! Cant wait to hear more.

By Aron from Gainesville, Florida.
R.I.P. The Briefs and R.I.P. The Bodies. Very sad indeed, but if this is what we get in the wake of those two tragedies, then bring on the new regime! The world gets blown to bits and radioactive boy is here to rule the new world and this is his soundtrack. His parents are even proud of him for his ability to glow in the dark! “I always knew my son would make me proud”! Killer songs, Killer lyrics, Killer band! I would dare say that at the risk of being barraged by angry letters, that Modern Action is just as good as either of the two previously mentioned bands! Radioactive boy for president in 2012!

By Martin from Germany.
4.5 out of 5 stars for the Second 7″ by these 6 radiocative problem childs and again it’s a good one. Shame on you if you missed your
chance to get one and shame on you if you don’t have a colored one. Uberlimited gem for all you die hard record collector nerds. 2 Power
Pop / Punkrock or whatever you wanna call it pearls, with a smooth singer and cool lyrics. All things considered, as good as the first one,
although the songs are too short! P.S. I heard on their 3rd 7″ the songs are shorter than one minute….

By Timo from Germany.
Just as the debut 7″ what you get is poppy punk´n´roll from these californians that have done time in many other bands. I can´t say anything bad about it and since it´s pretty short (only 2 songs) there is not much time to do things wrong. If there was a new BELTONES record I´d say go buy that but since there is no new BELTONES you should go and buy this instead. Cheers.

By Jeff from San Diego, California.
The new record gets 4 outta 5 stars. 5 stars would have required 2 more songs. You may think I rated it high, but I love everything
The Bodies/Modern Action have ever done. (Even the Cadavers). I consider myself lucky that I am on the inside track and know where to find these records. Thanks for still makin music, even though it is only once every 2-3 years.

By Mike from San Jose, California.
if you heard the first self titled 7″ (just goto their myspace page) then you will know what i mean. The debut single Modern Action’ is just way better. These two songs definitely don’t suck but my hopes were set high after the first single. That being said, can’t wait to hear the debut album coming soon. Go get the first 7″, it’s much better!

the tools of the trade…
MAR002 production pic 1

blank slates…
mar prod pic 2

wet paint…
MAR002 prod pic 3

watching paint dry…
MAR002 prod pic 4

MAR002 prod pic 5

happy halloween…
MAR002 prod pic 6

watching ink dry…
MAR002 prod pic 6

the final products:
MAR002 prod pic 7

good riddance!!

MAR002 prod pic 8

all this work for three minutes of music?? such a waste...