MAR003 THE BODIES – ANGEL ON THE NINE 7” (Release date: St. Patricks Day, 3/17/10) – SOLD OUT!!!

After nearly 9 years and many many false promises of new releases, THE BODIES are finally back with2 new cuts…They have not broken any new ground with these new songs nor have they progressed in their musical abilities nor expanded into any new territory – and that’s the good news! Both songs are poured from the same mold as all their other songs. If you like the old mold, you’ll like the new mold!

Limited to 650 total copies….150 green vinyl (mailorder only) copies…500 black vinyl copies…
A-side: Angel on the nine (1:49)
B-side: Open your eyes (1:58)

MAR 003 Black Vinyl Cover
BLACK VINYL VERSION: Limited to 500 copies. Sold through this website, Interpunk and a few stores/distributors. Sleeves are hand stamped brown paper bag sleeves with black Bodies logo, bag is closed by Black/white Bodies sticker…WONKA FACTOR#1: Inserted into 48 random copies is a hand numbered color print of alternative cover artwork designed by Johnny Bonnel of the Swingin’ Utters! WONKA FACTOR#2: 2 Random copies have a golden BODIES ticket. Tickets are good for autographed test pressing, stickers, buttons, flyers, posters and various records from all band members’ record collections…First 100 copies sold thru interpunk come with free BODIES button and patch… SOLD OUT.

MAR003 Green VinylMAR003 Green Vinyl 2GREEN VINYL MAILORDER ONLY VERSION: Limited to 150 copies. Sold only through this website and Interpunk. Sleeves are hand stamped white paper bag sleeves with Green Bodies logo, bag is closed by Black/Green Bodies sticker…First 100 copies sold thru interpunk come with free BODIES button and patch…… SOLD OUT

MAR promo poster bodies sharp objectsRECORD RELEASE POSTER: Limited to 100 copies…most given to bands/stores…a few left while supplies last…$2…SOLD OUT

The Production Line….

Shipment finally arrived, only 9 years late… Time to get to work..
MAR003 prod pic 1

Tools of the trade – Gin and tonic, Beer, rubber stamps, phone and remote controls..
003 prod pic 2003 prod pic 3

Not much to this one, lots of stamping..Stamping the kitchen..
003 prod pic 4MAR003 prod pic 6

Stamping in the living room..
003 prod pic 7003 prod pic 8

Living Room Redecorated..
003 prod pic 9

The finished products…
003 prod pic 9