MAR006 MODERN PETS – Killing sounds for rotten people 7”ep (Release date: German Commemorative Day, 7/20/10) – SOLD OUT

Our first release completely out of the modern action records incestuous family. Straight outta Germany comes the Modern Pets! This debut 5 Song 7″ EP is a killer! a 100% must have for any fan of great dayglo punk, landing squarely in Shocks, Adicts, Briefs, Rezillos territory. Guaranteed to zap your brain into strudel. really, we love it!

7” Limited to 300 total copies….60 Yellow vinyl mailorder only copies…..240 Yellow vinyl regular copies…
Alert Alert (1:52)
A.D.A (2:25)
Snippets (1:31)

Killing sounds for rotten people (2:57)
Clean city (1:50)

MAR006 Modern Pets EPRegular VERSION: Limited to 240 copies….Yellow vinyl with printed covers… $5…SOLD OUT….

MAR006 limited coverMailorder VERSION:Limited to 60 copies. Yellow vinyl with printed covers sealed in a hand painted/stamped paper bag…..Limit two copies per order..if you order more than 2, we will send only 2…. $6…. SOLD OUT….

MAR005 record release posterRECORD RELEASE POSTER: Limited to 100 copies…some given to band and stores, the rest are here while supplies last…$2
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