MAR007 THE BELTONES – Shitty in Pink 7”ep (Release date: Labor day, 9/6/10) – SOLD OUT

The first release in our new OUTTA THE VAULT series is a reissue of THE BELTONES shitty in pink 7″ that was originally released nearly a decade ago back in 2001. This single has two songs containing the original (better) version of Shitty in Pink that later was rerecorded and came out on their Cheap Trinkets LP. The real treat is the B-side which is a Nips (pre-Pogues) cover of Nobody to Love and is only available on this single.

7” Limited to 300 total copies….45 mailorder only copies…..255 regular copies…
A-side: Shitty in Pink
B-side: Nobody to Love

beltones 7"beltones 7" pic 2beltones 7" pic 3

REGULAR VERSION: Limited to 255 copies….Purple vinyl sealed in a brown hand painted/stamped paper bag…record labels are stamped with black ink … $5….SOLD OUT

beltones limited 7"beltones limited 7" pic 2beltones limited 7" pic 3beltones limited 7" pic 4beltones limited 7" pic 5

LIMITED VERSION: Limited to 45 copies. Purple vinyl. Comes with original release fold over sleeve from 2001 that has been hand painted and/or modified in some way shape or form. Each sleeve is hand numbered from #1-#45. Record and sleeve come sealed in a white/pink hand painted/stamped paper bag…inner record labels are stamped with pink ink…..Limit two copies per order..if you order more than 2, we will send only 2 and keep the extra dough…. $6 …..SOLD OUT…..