MAR009 SHARP OBJECTS – Another Victim 7”ep (Release date: Halloween, 10-31-10) – SOLD OUT

Sharp Objects are back with a bang! Many thought there was no way they could follow up their nut splitting debut…well, as usual, the masses are wrong…last time we left off, you had a pile of steaming spaghetti splattered on your hardwood floor, well these 2 new songs will take whats left of your sac and blast your flaps and veins through the sheetrock and blast off your roommates nuts…your nuts? gone…your roommates nuts? gone…whats left? 2 piles of spaghetti for your girlfriend to clean up… sophmore slump? I don’t think so…we said it for Zero Ambition and now we realized we may have lied, THIS is the 7” of the year…

7” Limited to 500 total copies….100 mailorder only copies…..100 show edition copies…300 regular copies
A-side: Another Victim (2:19)
B-side: Left Without A Heart (2:46)

SOBs - Another Vic 7"SO - Another Vic 7"REGULAR VERSION: Limited to 300 copies….black vinyl, w/glossy black and white printed covers. Each cover has hand stamped red ANOTHER VICTIM and MAR logo on the back. Comes with two-sided lyric sheet/insert…WONKA FACTOR: One lucky record will come with a golden mini revolver and a golden ticket redeemable for a signed test pressing…order as many as your satchel can hold…available from this website, interpunk and a few stores/distributors……
we’re SOLD OUT – try interpunk

MAR009 show editionSHOW VERSION: Limited to 100 copies…. black vinyl, w/xeroxed black and white covers. Each cover has hand stamped red ANOTHER VICTIM and MAR logo on the back. Comes with two-sided lyric sheet/insert…available at Sharp Objects shows… nope, we just checked and those are SOLD OUT

MAR009 mailorder versionMAILORDER VERSION: Limited to 100 copies… Clear Red vinyl comes with a printed black and white cover with hand stamped red ANOTHER VICTIM on the front and hand stamped Modern Action Records logo on the back. Includes a two-sided lyric sheet/insert. Record/cover/insert are all placed in a red paper bag that has been hand stamped with Sharp Objects logo. Each bag has been cut and stapled up the sides and stapled shut…WONKA FACTOR: SEE REGULAR VERSION…Only available through this site and interpunk…Limit two copies per order…if you order more than 2, we will send only 2 and keep the extra dough…. SOLD OUT!!!

MAR009 promo posterRECORD RELEASE POSTER: Limited to 100 copies…11”x 17”…some sent to stores…limited quantities available here…$2


New tools this time, same refreshments…

Larry stamping..Curly and Moe stuffing..

Stamping over black ink does not work too well…

Ready for staples…

MAR009 final resuts