MAR010 THE STITCHES – 8 x 12″ 15th anniversary edition (Release date: Pearl Harbor Day, 12/7/10) – SOLD OUT

the 2nd release from our outta the vault series is an absolute killer! on many-a-list for best record of the 90′s, we are proud to bring you the 15th anniversary special edition of THE STITCHES – 8 x 12″. Originally released in 1995 on the legendary Vinyl Dog Records and now what better way to end out the great year we have had in 2010 than to give this legendary record a Modern Action Records make over. This edition is a one time pressing, limited to 300 copies. It comes pressed on purple vinyl with black and white silk screened covers. Each cover is hand numbered and comes with a STITCHES button attached to the lower right hand corner. Each record comes with a double sided lyric sheet and a double sided 11″ x 11″ insert showing flyers, pictures, etc from the early Stitches years. To top off this package is an 11″ x 17″ copy of the original record release poster from 1995. This is actually a dual record release promo poster from Vinyl Dog Records announcing the VD release of THE STITCHES 8 x 12″ and also the VD release of the US BOMBS debut LP with a great MIKE/DUANE photo as the centerpiece. Classic artifact, suitable for framing! The actual tunes need no hype, since we know you already heard em and they still stand up to anything released by any band since…So make sure your cup is in and get ready for a five o’clock sack beatdown….

12” Limited to 300 total copies….

A-side: Nowhere
I cant do anything
throw it all away
better off dead

B-side: my baby hates me
True stories
Amphetamine girl
That womans got me drinking

MAR010 The Stitches15th ANNIVERSARY SILK SCREENED EDITION … Limited to 300 copies….Purple vinyl, black + white hand numbered silk screened covers with The Stitches button attached, 2 x two-sided lyric sheet/inserts, 11” x 17” record release poster from 1995 Vinyl Dog Records…available from this website and The Stitches…LIMITED TO 2 COPIES PER ORDER…iF YOU order more ThAn 2 CopiEs wE will keep tHe extra dough and send you TwO copiEs……SOLD OUT…


e=mC squared or… Hole punch + vinyl +jackets + inserts + posters + buttons +…

Lohrman on the job

+ a transient with a steady hand = 8 x 12inch x 1995/2010