MAR012 Sharp Objects – 5 song CD ep (Release date: Valentines Day, 2-14-11)

Sharp Objects first two 7”s along with a bonus unreleased track compiled for your listening pleasure.…both 7”s were serious contenders for best 7” of 2010 and left many sacs sliced, diced and seeping red…it gets said all the time, but you can believe us, all 4 x 7” songs are bonafide A-side hits – No Filler Allowed!

CD Limited to 500 total copies….66 mailorder only copies…..434 regular copies
Zero Ambition

Misspent Youth
Another Victim
Left Without A Heart
You Make Me Sick

REGULAR VERSION: Limited to 434 copies…comes in standard shrink wrapped jewel case…..get it here$5

MAILORDER VERSION: Limited to 66 copies…CDs come mounted on sac-splattered, hand stamped, hand numbered 7” pocket sleeves. Original CD artwork/booklet/traycard comes inside the pocket sleeve. CD/Sleeve come inserted into a hand printed, hand stamped white paper bag, all sealed up with a Red Modern Action Records sticker…WONKA FACTOR: You’re looking at it! It’s a true piece of art suitable for framing..Only available from this website… LIMIT 2 per order…if you order more than 2, we will only send you 2 and keep the extra dough..…SOLD OUT!!!

MAR012 promo poster

RECORD RELEASE POSTER:Limited to 100 copies…11”x 17”…some sent to stores…limited quantities available in the MAR store…$2

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No surf today, but blood rained from the sacs above..

Larry demonstrating proper stamping technique..

stamping done…Larry goes on 8th smoke break..

as Shemp takes over and displays his beautiful penmanship…

time to stick on those little CD nubbies..

now we need some disks…

Shemp and his trusty razorblade slice thru the shrink wrap…

So Larry can disassemble the package…

Pay for shrinkwrap and jewel cases, then cut off shrinkwrap and throw jewel cases away..

CD artwork inserted into pocket sleeves, CDs squished onto nubbies..

almost done, only one more Final step?:
print bags, stamp bags, hand number bags,
insert all the above into bags, sticker/seal bags shut…