MAR013 Neighborhood Brats – s/t 5 song 12″ep/CD ep (Release date: St. Patricks Day, 3/17/11)

This new San Francisco band fronted by Jenny (The Orphans), and backed by previous members of Roofie and the Nightstalker/Cute Lepers and many more, the NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS are here and are lighting the bay area scene on fire. These 5 songs represent the band’s entire debut recording session and are already blipping the radar for best record of 2011. All songs are catchy, raw and blistering punk rock bringing to mind early eighties LA punk crossed with early SF female fronted bands. Think Black Flag with Avengers/VKTMS vocals. Yes, it really is as good as that sounds. And I’m sure youve heard about the already legendary live shows, right?

12” is limited to 650 total copies….150 x White Vinyl mailorder editions (includes Bonus 7″ The Orphans – Electric S)…..500 x regular…
CD is limited to 500 total copies….99 x CD7 series mailorder editions….401 x regular….

Fast & Loose
Lurking the Loin
Throw Away Girl
FTW 2010

REGULAR 12″ EP: Limited to 500 copies…One sided 12”, 45 rpm, Pressed on Black vinyl and comes in a black and white printed shrinkwrapped jacket. Includes a two-sided 11”x11” insert.…Available through this site and a few select stores and mailorders and the band…$8 – get it now from the MAR store

REGULAR CD: Limited to 401 copies…Available through this site and a few select stores and mailorders and the band…$6 – get it now from the MAR store

12″ EP + BONUS 7″ MAILORDER EDITION: Limited to 150 copies…OK right here we got a One-sided, 12” record, pressed on WHITE VINYL that spins at 45 rpm. It comes in a black/red hand silk screened cover with a two-sided 11”x11” insert. The mailorder edition 12” also comes with a BONUS 7” from singer Jennys previous band – THE ORPHANS!! The great Electric S 7” has been pulled OUTTA THE VAULT and given a Modern Action makeover…the 7” contains 2 Killer Dangerhouse-esque songs that will have you squirming across the living room floor…7 inch comes in a hand printed/hand stamped paper bag all sealed up with a Modern Action Records sticker…2 great records for one great price!!!….WONKA FACTOR: ONE RECORD WILL COME WITH A GOLD PAINTED/HAND STAMPED SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS BASEBALL CARD REDEEMABLE FOR A NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS TEST PRESSING…Only available through this site…limited to 2 copies…if you order more than 2, we will send 2 and keep the extra dough …SOLD OUT..

CD7 SERIES MAILORDER EDITION: Limited to 99 copies…2nd release of our new CD7 series….CD comes mounted on a hand stamped / hand numbered Black 7 inch pocket sleeve. Original CD artwork/booklet/traycard comes inside the pocket sleeve.…a true piece of art suitable for framing… LIMIT 2 per order…if you order more than 2, we will only send you 2 and keep the extra dough…SOLD OUT..

RECORD RELEASE POSTER: Limited to 100 copies…11”x 17” Smogtown / Neighborhood Brats record release poster…some sent to stores…limited quantities available here…$2