MAR015 Smogtown – Incest & Pestilence 12 song LP/CD (Release date: April fools day, 4/1/11)

Has it really been a decade? After a few break ups, a couple hibernation periods along with a few sporadic releases here and there, the Fuhrers of the new wave are finally back with their first full length in l0 years. These twelve brand new unreleased songs, pick up right where domesticviolenceland left off, and are filled to the brim with their patented OC suburbanite beach punk fury. Not much more to say – its SMOGTOWN and the Beach City Butchers are back with a bang!

LP is limited to 650 total copies….150 x Surfwax mailorder editions…..500 x regular…
CD is limited to 500 total copies….99 x CD7 series mailorder editions….401 x regular….

A-side: Ignored news
Pharmacy hero
I wanna fuck my chick in the skate ditch
If we all have guns, we can melt all the love
Penchant for screwing up
Subdivision end product

B-side: Hear nothing see nothing say nothing
Lets string up the new marketers
Gish’s wish
Waste of breath
Keeping bullets out of the roof of my mouth
Community disservice

MAR015 standard issueREGULAR LP: Limited to 500 copies…Pressed on Black vinyl and comes in a printed shrinkwrapped jacket. Includes a two-sided lyric sheet/insert.…Available through this site and a few stores and mailorders and the band…$10
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REGULAR CD: Limited to 401 copies…Available through the MAR store and a few stores and mailorders and the band…$10

MAR015 surfwax edition

SURFWAX LP EDITION: Limited to 150 copies…Pressed on CLEAR VINYL and comes in a black/green silk screened cover. Includes a two-sided lyric sheet/insert. Both sides of the silk screened covers come fully base-coated and hand waxed, ready for a cold water drop in…WONKA FACTOR: ONE RECORD WILL COME WITH A HAND PAINTED GOLDEN SURFER PENDANT REDEEMABLE FOR A SMOGTOWN TEST PRESSING…Only available right here…limited to 2 copies…if you order more than 2,we will send 2 and keep the extra dough …SOLD OUT

CD7 SERIES MAILORDER EDITION: Limited to 99 copies…3rd release of our new CD7 series….CDs come mounted on hand stamped, hand numbered 7” pocket sleeves. Original CD artwork/booklet/traycard comes inside the pocket sleeve.…a true piece of art suitable for framing..Only available from this website… LIMIT 2 per order…if you order more than 2, we will only send you 2 and keep the extra dough…SOLD OUT

MAR015 promo posterRECORD RELEASE POSTER: Limited to 100 copies…11”x 17” Smogtown / Neighborhood Brats record release poster…some sent to stores… limited quantities available here… $2


New props & beautiful silk screened covers that are ready to be ruined..

No rest for the practice straight onto the assembly line…

Moe and Shemp applying the base coat..

waxing at a blistering northern california pace..

Dont eat the wax…

Cheap california labor…

will work for candy…

2nd grade masterpieces..who said california schools are on the decline?

And once again, another trifecta to make the competitors squirm..
MAR015 trifecta