MAR022 – Modern Pets – S/T LP (release date: Fathers Day, 6/17/12)

Finally! After two nut slashing 7″s comes the debut LP from Germany’s answer to the Briefs – the MODERN PETS! This time around you get 12 KILLER mid-tempo smashers that will once again slash open your sac and leave your nuts bouncing aimlessly around your living room…Melodies, muscle, hooks and balls! With the Briefs and Shocks in hibernation, it looks like we may have a new king of the ’77 jungle…

LP is limited to 300 total copies on green vinyl…50 mailorder editions…250 regular issue
Official planned release date: 6/17/12 (fathers day 2012)
Actual for sale release date: 8/28/12 (only 2-1/2 months behind schedule!)

Affected People
Crown Of Creation
Asphalt Cowboy Syndrome
Five Finger Discount
The Modern Pet
Pascal Gaspard Asshole Youth

Dead But Smelly
The Last Nanosecond Of The Universe
Punk + 0 = Still 0
Sunalley Bustle

Mailorder Edition LP
Limited to 50 copies…pressed on green vinyl…comes in a White LP jacket that has a spray painted (some green some black) MODERN PETS logo on the front. Each jacket is hand signed by the entire band, which was done in the van on their recent US tour! Jackets are hand numbered. Also comes with the standard LP fold over cover/lyric sheet. WONKA FACTOR: None..…LIMIT: 1 per person – order more than 1 and we will keep your dough and only send you 1 copy. Only available through this site…$12….get other stuff now from the SOLD OUT

Regular edition LP
Limited to 250 copies…Pressed on green vinyl. Comes in a 2-sided fold over cover with lyrics printed on the inside. WONKA FACTOR: None..…LIMIT: None – order as many as you want…Available through this site and select stores/mailorders…..$10….get it now from the MAR store

RECORD RELEASE POSTER Limited to 100 copies… 11″ x 17″ MODERN PETS / ZACK ZACK record release poster…some sent to stores…limited quantities available…..$2….get it now from the MAR store

Jan from the Modern Pets signing his life away…