MAR024 – The Briefs – Singles Only 7″ box set (released: Memorial Day, 5/28/2012)

By far this is the toughest project we’ve ever attempted. Our disorganization was really exposed on this baby and it nearly drove the final stake right through MARs purple heart. But, after a year or two of promises, much inter-label fighting, a few high-interest loans and many tacos eaten – Its finally here! The ultimate Briefs collection! This killer definitive singles boxset is packed to the gils with the best tunes from the best band of the last decade and a half. 18 songs packed onto 5 x 7″s, 6 more songs on the demo tape and 9 more bonus songs with the download for a total of 33 Non-LP (for the most part) Briefs tracks. No more arguing over which Briefs LP is the best, cause we all know the 7″s are better than the LPs anyways! So THIS is the best Briefs release hands down, problem solved…Along with the killer tunes, also included in this package is a bunch of other cool Briefs stuff to help you get back into your early 2000′s pogo-mode. So drop your cheeseburger, bleach your hair and shave your beards cause the Briefs are ready to wake you up from your last 7 years of miserable existence…and as usual, better hurry up you f-ers, cause they’re gonna go fast (or we’ll be outta business fast)!

Box Sets are limited to 850 total copies…150 mailorder editions on White Vinyl…350 on Black Vinyl w/white center labels….350 on Black Vinyl w/Silver center labels. UPDATE! AN ADDITIONAL 300 “RED” Box Sets were re-pressed for Briefs 2014 tour.
Original planned release date: 12/25/10 (christmas 2010)
Official release date: 5/28/12 (memorial day 2012)
Actual for sale date: 8/28/12 (only 1-3/4 years behind schedule!)

Limited to 300 copies…Pressed up for the Briefs 2014 tours. Similar to regular edition but comes on red vinyl, matte finish 7″ covers, red/black button, red/clear demo cassette, 33 song download card, different poster and snazzy red/black box…most copies went to the band so we have limited copies available for sale here…$27….get it now from the MAR store

Limited to 150 copies…Pressed on WHITE vinyl with white/black center labels. You get ten seven inches worth of tunes packed onto 5 x 7″ records with black and white cover art. You also get a 6 song cassette containing their first ever unreleased demo tape from 1999. This package also comes with an 11″ x 17″ HIT AFTER HIT promo record release poster, a promo postcard, an exclusive WHITE briefs button, an 8 page booklet. It also comes with a free download card good for a total 33 rare and not so rare Briefs songs. All the goods are packed into a stylish black and white printed Briefs box and in typical Modern Action Records style, its all sealed up in a ziplock baggie for protection.
LIMIT: 1 per person – order more than 1 and we will keep your dough and only send you 1 copy.
Only available through this site…SOLD OUT….get other stuff now from the MAR store

Limited to 700 copies…All the same stuff as above but records are pressed on black vinyl and you get a black button…350 copies have white/black center labels and were sold mainly at the bands recent reunion shows, interpunk and some at green hell records in germany…350 copies have silver/black labels and are sold here and other select stores/distros/mailorders…
LIMIT: None…order as many as you want…Available through this site and select stores/mailorders…..SOLD OUT….get other stuff now from the MAR store

Limited to 100 copies… 11″ x 17″ record release poster…some sent to stores…limited quantities available…..$2….get it now from the MAR store

Forklift?? At this point we realized we bit off more than we could chew…