MAR030 (RiPT OFF #1) THE STITCHES – D- 7”ep (release date: Mikes B-day, 9/8/13)

September 8th 1993, 20 years ago to the day, a young Mike Lohrman turned 26 years old and was holed up in a small practice space with his newly formed band called THE STITCHES and recorded these 6 raw gems for your listening pleasure. Some you’ve heard before, some you haven’t. None have you heard like this though. The recording device was an old ghetto blaster with a sweaty t-shirt thrown over it to improve the sound quality – It didn’t work…Happy 46th Birthday Mike.

277 total black vinyl copies

A-side: Wet Dreams, 1993, Sixteen

B-side: Throw it away, Pills, On Returning

The Stitches: D- 7″:
Limited to 277 copies…Pressed on Black vinyl. Covers are hand made, cut and graded on elementary school paper. Stitches Logo stamped on front of cover. Back cover has MAR and VD stamps along with hand numbering of record number and release date. One side of the inner labels is hand stamped with THE STITCHES logo, the other side is hand stamped with MODERN ACTION RECORDS LOGO. 2-sided b+w Xeroxed insert with pics of original band line-up from 1993. WONKA FACTOR: the fact this record exists on vinyl is your prize…limit 1 per order, if you order more than 1, we will send 1 and keep the extra dough…Only available through this site and the band…$7….get it now from the MAR store

Record Release Poster:
Limited to 33 hand numbered copies…Screen printed on 11″ x 17″ poster board cardstock…Only available through this site…$4….get it now from the MAR store

The Stitches classroom supplies

The Stitches submitted

The Stitches being graded

The Stitches barely pass

The Stitches D-