MAR032 – Ruleta Rusa – Me Dan Asco 7″ (release date: Halloween 10/31/13)

Our favorite nor-cal amigos are back with their 2nd ripping MAR installment of their modern incarnation of early 80′s SF punk ala Sick Pleasure/Code of Honor/Urban Assault. 3 upbeat, no-nonsense, no frills, punk rock bashers. Break out the Muscle Tees, grab a 12er of Stroh’s and head to the nearest vert ramp.

400 x total copies…300 x black vinyl regular…100 x green vinyl / garbage pail kid editions

A-side: Me Dan Asco

B-side: Reinara, No Cambiare

Green Vinyl / Garbage Pail Kid edition 7″:
Limited to 100 copies…Pressed on clear green vinyl. 5 different die cut “garbage pail kid”-esque card/stickers in the vein of the cover art were printed up and 1 random card is inserted into each record. There are 20 of each of the 5 band members, which by our math comes out to be 100 total. Comes in a black and green cover and 2-sided lyric sheet/insert. WONKA FACTOR: One record will come with all five band member stickers. If you get this one, send us an email with pics and you’ll get a free test pressing..…limit 1 per order, if you order more than 1, we will send 1 and keep the extra dough…Only available through this site and the band…$6….get it now from the MAR store

Regular edition 7″:
Limited to 300 copies…Pressed on black vinyl. Comes in a black and green cover and 2-sided lyric sheet/insert. Available through this site, the cool stores/mailorders and the band…$5….get it now from the MAR store




LARRY woke up late, just couldn’t make it…

MAR model displaying the goods…