MAR033 THE BRIEFS – Odd Numbers LP/CD (release dates: various)

22 songs handpicked by the band, rarer than rare lo-fi demos and long lost studio throwouts from 2000-2006, most never before heard by human ears! Some really really really good lost raw gems here and demo versions of some of your faves. At times, we all like good,perfect sounding recordings, but not usually – which puts this LP right smack dab up our alley…raw-loud-scattered and near perfect!
Note: All records are first pressings. 1000 records were pressed at the same time, they were released in different covers at different times for different reasons. See each version for details.

Pressing info:
LP is limited to 1000 total copies (all first pressing)
-150 x Gold Vinyl MAR mailorder only
-300 x Black Vinyl Tour editions (100 x w/blue BRIEFS stamp, 100 x w/red BRIEFS stamp, 100 x w/pink BRIEFS stamp)
-550 x Black Vinyl Record Store Day 2015

CD is limited to 300 total copies
-77 x bagged tour edition
-223 x regular jewel case


Take lots of Acid (CD Only)
I’m being watched
Criminal Youth
Sex Objects
Forty and Above
Come Back

This Age

Getting hit on at the bank
I don’t no
My girl (wants to be a zombie)
Closet hippie
Love and Ulcers
(looking through) Gary Glitter’s eyes
Razorblade Heart
Orange Alert
Killed by Ants

Gold Vinyl Mailorder Edition LP:
Limited to 150 copies…
Pressed on Gold vinyl with black/silver center labels. Xeroxed inserts. Front and back cover art pasted onto white LP jackets – hand numbered. Wonka Factor: None.
Only available here. Limit 1 per order.…$16…. get it now from the MAR store

Tour Editions LP:
Limited to 300 copies.
All pressed on Black vinyl with a black/silver center label. Xeroxed inserts. Record comes in hand stamped bag sealed up with MAR sticker. The “Clapton” editions were 100 x w/Blue BRIEFS stamp and 100 x w/Red Briefs were made for the Briefs 2015 Fall Tour and include a sticker with tour dates and Eric Clapton’s head on a spear. The 100 x blank pink stamped versions are safely in the vault ready to be customized for the next Briefs tour. WONKA FACTOR: 2 copies of the BLUE stamped versions were accidentally stamped with THE STITCHES instead of THE BRIEFS (see pic in the production line pics). Send in pic of your copy and get a free test pressing! Only available from the band on tour, but we did get 10 copies of each colored stamp – First come first serve. Limit 1 per person.…$25…. get it now from the MAR store

Record Store Day 2015 LP:
Limited to 550 copies…
Pressed on Black vinyl with black/silver center label. Xeroxed insert. Standard printed black and white jacket with bar code on the back. 50 copies were given to the band and the other 500 copies were sent to record stores. Wonka Factor: None.
Only available from record stores.…SOLD OUT…

Limited to 300 total copies (77 x tour, 223 regular)…
This is the first appearance of the Odd Numbers release. 300 copies were ordered for the Briefs Halloween 2014 East Coast/Texas tour. Unforeseen copyright issues delayed production and 77 raw discs were expedited and arrived the day before the tour started. Art project ensued! Brown paper baggies were printed, hand-numbered and stamped with “2014 Tour edition” on the back. A mini-insert was included and sealed up with a MAR sticker. These copies were available from the band on the East Coast leg of the tour. 2 days later the other 234 CDs arrived shrink-wrapped in jewel cases and a few boxes were overnighted to a Briefs acquaintance in Texas and both CDs were available on the Texas leg…The remaining CDs are available here and a few stores..We got 10 of the tour CDs, limit 1 per person, first come first serve…..$10..
get it now from the MAR store

Tour CDs…

Tour LPs…Special guest assemblers – THE BRIEFS!
Mr.Nix stuffing

Big Dog stamping, Little Dog playing pinball

Briefs head honcho Falcon supervising the troops: Nix, Chris and Dan/Moe

Mailorder LPs…

WONKA Tour LP (mis-stamped bag)…2 in existence. if you got one send in your pic for free test pressing!

The Tours!

The whole gang!