MAR034 MANIAC – Midnight Kino 7″ (release date: Christmas, 12/25/16)

Back in 2015, when Maniac recorded these tunes and wanted them released in a timely fashion, we stooges knew we wanted to release the record but we had already planned our fall-winter-spring-summer-fall-winter vacation. So what do honest, trustworthy friends do? Naturally we tricked the band and told them the record would be out by Christmas. Little did they know that we had a 6-season vacation planned and we meant Christmas 2016! Regardless, the band has been more than patient and kind in dealing with our procrastination tactics. As for the record, since a few copies were leaked to the press, listen to what the experts have to say:

MANIAC – Midnight Kino 7″ (Modern Action Records)
“Maniac are back with another two-song blaster, and on my favorite record label no less! They may be based in Los Angeles, but there is no denying that Maniac is a Pacific Northwest band at their heart. In the post-grunge world, the Pacific Northwest (or Pacific Southwest to me, since I am just above the border) has made a name for itself for amazing, snotty punk rock that gets you moving. From The Briefs and Exploding Hearts, to The Girls and Clorox Girls (both of whom have members now in Maniac), there is a steady stream of killer bands cutting a swath or radness through the rainforest… And yeah, Maniac is a part of that even though they live way the hell down the I-5. Anyways, they are continuing on with the sound that made their debut LP Demimonde one of the best albums of 2015… Do what you have to in order to get a copy of this. Sell an organ. It will be worth it. –Ty Stranglehold/Razorcake”

MANIAC – Midnight Kino 7″ (Modern Action Records)
“Hey! How about a brand spanking new 7″ record from one of the best bands in the powerpop/punk universe? Maniac, L.A.’s favorite gentlemen punks, authored one of the finest albums of recent memory in 2014′s sizzler Demimonde. And the singles they’ve released since then just keep getting better. New 7″ “Midnight Kino”, issued by Modern Action Records, continues in the band’s signature style. The title track is a fast and frantic stormer with top-tier hooks and wonderfully strange lyrics that I can only describe as genius. While by no means the only band walking the fine line between first wave punk rock and the herky-jerky new wave of the same period, Maniac always manages a fresh take on these classic sounds… Last year, I credited Maniac with having one of the most outstanding singles of 2015. Take it to the bank that the band will also be in the running for top single of 2016!” -Lord Rutledge/Faster and Louder

MANIAC – Midnight Kino 7″ (Modern Action Records)
“Gentlemen Punks? Rowdy Mod Upstarts? Call them what you will, but when these dudes, who are all in other really great bands, all get together, greatness erupts. A dash of LA’s Zeros and Redd Kross, some nods to Generation X and other old pop inspired punk influences run amok!”-Audio Ammunition / Top 20 records of 2016

450 x total copies
100 x red vinyl, peep show editions
350 x black vinyl

Midnight Kino (2:31)

Precision Accuracy (2:25)


RED VINYL PEEP SHOW EDITION:  Limited to 100 copies…Pressed on Red vinyl. Comes in full color fold over sleeve. One of the 3 doors on the sleeve opens up to a peep show. Hand numbered on the front and stamped with MAR stamp on the inside. WONKA FACTOR: Behind one door is not your typical peep show but you will see Larry in the hospital (see pic below). Send a pic and get a free test pressing! Only available here! $6….get it now from the MAR store

BLACK VINYL EDITION: Limited to 350 copies…Pressed on Black vinyl. Comes standard full color sleeve. WONKA FACTOR: NONE. Available from us, a few select stores/mailorders and the band…$5….get it now from the MAR store