September 2014

August 24th, 2014, 3:24am…While all the stooges were comfortably tucked away, well into a half-year hibernation, a 6.0 earthquake rocked the Sonoma Valley and the MAR headquarters to its foundation. Buildings crumbled, records tumbled and the stooges grumbled as they were shaken and bounced from a deep, deep, deep sleep. All hands were on deck and the clean up quickly ensued. Maybe it was a sign from below or just a coincidence, but the message was heard loud and clear…

The new Amoebas 7″ is finally here (well its been here for awhile now, just now its finally available to you!) The best band in the Midwest is back with 2 new killers!
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Our good buddy and Briefs bassist Lance Romance is in a battle for his life and needs your help! Click on his ugly mug below to contribute – every penny counts…As for the rest of the gang, they are gearing up for some east coast and texas shows. We pressed up a red vinyl tour edition of the box set for the band, limited to 300 copies and we got a few available here.
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